Registering an Offshore Company

The introduction of Hong Kong Company Registration (HKC) is one crucial step to have an offshore company in Hong Kong. The establishment of an HKC in Hong Kong is also an effective way of starting an offshore business.
HK company registration is easy as well as safe. With the help of an offshore registration company, one can set up an offshore company. If one wants to become a director of a Hong Kong company, one must comply with all the requirements set by the Hong Kong Companies Registry and the Companies Ordinance.
An offshore company can be beneficial for a business in many ways. It helps the business to get rid of the tax burden and can help to protect the company’s assets. However, the establishment of an offshore company requires careful planning and investment.
The registration of an offshore company must be done by a Hong Kong business firm and should be done through a registered agent. The agent will be responsible for ensuring that all the necessary documents are correctly submitted to the government.Agencies and will also be responsible for updating the company’s records to make sure that no transaction takes place that would have been overlooked if the papers had been submitted correctly.
Some Hong Kong business firms can help in the registration of an offshore company. To establish a company offshore in Hong Kong, one will need a secretary who can assist in filling out the necessary forms. An accountant should also be called, as he/she will be responsible for maintaining the business’ records. These people are usually paid for by the company.
Business firms can also provide some of the services that are needed to establish offshore companies. These include the transfer of funds and account management, which will be done by the company that will handle the company’s finances.
The company’s accounts and records must be kept properly maintained and updated. It will include making sure that any transactions are carried out legally, and the company is not involved in any fraud.
Once the registration of an offshore company is done in Hong Kong, a company will have to have its headquarters in the city, and the address of the company must be the same as the address of the headquarters of the Hong Kong company. The person handling the registration process will then issue the company’s seal of approval to the company.
To become a foreign company in Hong Kong, a person must first get a company formation permit, and the following is the procedure that a company must follow. Before a company can do business, it needs to register under the Companies Ordinance. If it wants to transact business with a person outside Hong Kong, it must obtain an International Company Number from the Office of the Superintendent of Corporations.
An International Company Number can be issued only by the Office of the Superintendent of Corporations. A company must also ensure that the person handling the registration of the company’s foreign subsidiary is a qualified and licensed accountant.
To establish an offshore company, a company can either use the services of a registered agent or a Hong Kong business firm to help in the registration of the company. The registration process includes filling the company incorporation form and submission of the relevant documents
The overseas business firms that deal with the registration of an offshore company can also conduct background checks on any company to determine whether the company is a good one before they are allowed to start doing business with that company. These companies can also advise on whether the company has any criminal records. The registered agent will be responsible for ensuring that all the necessary papers are submitted correctly.
The registered agent also makes sure that the company is not involved in any fraud and can help in the formation of an offshore company. Registration of an offshore company is done only after consulting the local authorities in Hong Kong on this issue.


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