Starting a Plumbing Company

Me and my husband started our plumbing company a year and a half ago. He had 18 years experience in new construction plumbing and I had 8 years experience in the same company. We felt this qualified us to go on our own and be prepared for wherever this new pursuit takes us. drain cleaning Escondido

First of all, I have to say that people, for the most part, are honest and sincere. We have had limited problems with people trying to take advantage of us and my husband has become very good at recognizing people with questionable intentions.

This job definitely requires some hard judgment calls, after all, who wants to pursue a homeowner in small claims court and miss work because they don’t want to pay their bills. There are some signs that are a tell whether or not they will pay their bill. First of all, how much they debate the price with you. If a homeowner treats you like you are not being honest with him and treating to rip him off, it is not a good sign. Some people will argue your price down profusely and then not pay you at the end of the job. I believe the reason for this is that they know that if the bill is low enough, you won’t feel it is worth your time to pursue. Nowadays, all people have to do is call block the plumbers phone number and they are practically free from pursuit. Most trades don’t want to keep driving to the persons house because it costs money for gas and time either away from work or their family. Even if the plumber catches the homeowner at home, he can’t force the person to write a check. We have gotten the run around many times in our past experiences before starting our own company and discovered that certain people will permanently give a company the run around.

The way to keep from having to deal with this is to separate jobs into draws. At the very least, get a percentage of the contract upon delivering the materials to the jobsite. Any honest homeowner or contractor should be willing to reimburse you for the money you put out at the beginning of a job once you bring the materials to their property. It gives them a chance to see that you have invested money in the job, and it covers your costs if they don’t pay at the end. If the job is large enough, there is nothing wrong with getting 3 or 4 payments as the job goes on. There is a word of caution that I would like to put out there for anyone in this business though: Be careful not to appear like you need the money. This can make a homeowner suspicious that you are going to run off before the job is done. We have heard many times about all lines of work asking homeowners for money upfront for purchasing materials and then never coming back and disappearing. It is very sad that people would do this. Make sure that you don’t ask for the money until the material is delivered so that people can see that you are honest. Also, people feel more comfortable with a company that handles them professionally and with a sense of confidence. If they think that you are desperate to get paid before the job is done, their confidence in you goes down and they are less likely to recommend you to the next potential customer or hire you back.

I hope that this is helpful to anyone starting their own company. I understand that we are a new company and not the voice of the most experience, but I believe that some things are forgotten by business owners after many years of experience, especially if it’s been a long time since a customer not paying bill really hurt their company. We ask a lot of advice from successful people, but they don’t always remember what it is like to be pinching pennies and have every decision really make a difference in paying the bills.


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